E n g l i s h



“Since the world is the world, it has not got to anything else”

Louis-Ferdinand Céline



Company biography


In 2011 we created our first piece, Impromptus Opus 90 -as a reference to Schubert´s-, which was produced during the 2012 season at the Rina Bowen Art Gallery, in Madrid, and participated in the Scena Simulacro Festival. Since then, Impromptus has become a way of working, not taking anything for granted: we often go around the bush and get lost, only to come to millenary conclusions, but it is we who have reached them! With that spirit, we created Opus 91 and Caballitos de Anís.



Impromptus Op.90


The action happens in a house of a family formed by the older sister, the brother and the young sister. A traditional Spanish family , apparently normal.

A fourth character arrives and presents himself as a policeman. He triggers a series of beheaviours in this family which reveal that nothing its like it looks like, even the strange and mysterious reactions of the policeman.

Secret agents, computers, a supermarket, lunchtime, love, breakfast, brothers fight, French omelette, Schubert and Bach compose the images and conflict of the piece.


Opus 91


4 bodies , 4 chairs , music and actions. What if we play knowing that nothing will change? But change is the only constant thing, so what if we don´t take anything for granted and get deep into contradictions?
Opus 91 is a piece between performance and theatre which combines and takes to the extreme the other resources an actor has besides the spoken word: gesture, music and, above all, movement. Underneath, streams of loneliness, selfishness and struggle that, sometimes, converge.

Opus 91 was presented in Matadero Madrid in the framework of Croquis Fringe13, organized by Kubik Fabrik and TheCollage, where we exhibited a 20’ work-in-progress. The piece was then offered an artistic residency in Kubik Fabrik (Madrid), where it premiered in December 2013 as a 55’piece.

Caballitos de Anís

It exists because of its two characters who could be two performers, two factory workers, two characters right out of a play or, perhaps, two circus artists. Two individuals who are part of the play.

They will listen to the statements of a voice-over which represents the State and the power. Later, there is a music, and then the silence. Those are elements that the two characters will try to accept with the best of their intentions, as any individual tries to accept the day-to-day absurd in the best possible way.



Caballitos de Anís is a duet piece where we use movement and a dance language created from our own sense of theatre. It opened in Feedback, International Choreografic Creation Festival in Kubik Fabrik in Madrid, created by dancer and choreographer Antonio Ruz and Paso a 2 platform. This piece has also participated in the Bilbao ACT Festival and Madrid FringeFestival, Tenerife DanzaTac Festival and in The International Contemporary Dance Festival of Canary Islands, MASDANZA, where it recently has won  the  Jury’s  Special-Mention-Award for Choreography and Performers.